Fools In The Free Seats

The fool refuses to try for fear of looking foolish while the future master improves with each failed attempt.
It doesn’t cost a thing to stand by and watch life run its course. No actions taken, no decisions made and so there is nothing to point a finger at; no skin in the game. But if we want to do anything in life, we all have to start somewhere. Each successful business owner we idolize and every master we wish to emulate started in the same place we did, the beginning. We have to be willing to stumble or we will never run!
How many times have you avoided an activity because you weren’t sure if you could? How often have you shied away from a new endeavor because you were worried about looking silly in the eyes of onlookers? This is our ego keeping us from truly living, trying to preserve our self image. We allow the anticipated opinions of strangers, which are typically false reflections of our own insecurities, keep us from doing things that make us smile, help us grow and keep us healthy.
For example, common reason for not exercising is, “I don’t know what I am doing in the gym.” Firstly, recognize that we are using this as an excuse. The gym isn’t the only place to exercise and since the invention of Google, a thirst for knowledge can be quenched if it was truly the issue, but is it? You tell me.
If the fear of looking silly is a reason you don’t exercise, ask yourself these questions. Do those people know me, or what I have been through? Do I know them? Are their opinions more important than my health and happiness? Is it more important to save face in front of strangers or be the best version of me for myself, my friends and my family?
No matter what it is, we must be willing to mess up or our life will always be limited by walls that are not there. Besides, anyone that would look down on another for trying something new doesn’t deserve to be in your life.
Get out of your head! Go mess up and live, because only the fool sits on the bench of their own life.
PS: I know new things can be intimidating, but if you ask for help, especially in the gym, I bet you will be met with kindness and a willingness to teach. Try not to assume.

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