Personal Savior

“Regardless of belief or ideology, it is the responsibility of self to find salvation.”
I am not attacking religion. I believe that religion can provide amazing strength, confidence, comfort and conviction. However, whether these emotional states are derivatives of religious dogma or some unstructured deep understanding of one’s place in the universe is irrelevant. In other words, having the strength and conviction to save a life, be it yours or that of another, is more important than where it originates.
My point is this: we may seek council in a place of worship made of stone, or in the forrest in a place untouched, but the solutions to our problems ultimately come from our own personal actions. In the same respect, people suffering in the world today are assisted by others who decide to help. Some do this because they believe it is doing right by their faith, and others just believe it is the right thing to do. Does it matter why they do it, or is it more important that it gets done?
I was lost for much of my life and looking for answers. I believed I was capable of greatness, but continued to find my life in pieces. I needed a change! If I was ever going to become the best version of myself, the man I aspired to be, I was going to have to behave differently. The strength to make these life changes can come from many places, but what they all have in common is that we still have to put in the work. We have to put pen to paper, rubber to asphalt, our money where our mouth is and FOLLOW THROUGH.
I found strength in many places, lost it, and found it again. That is part of the process of figuring out which direction to go in life; it’s normal. I wavered heavily until I figured out that I could combine my passions with a livelihood. I could create a future I actually desired, not just one that life told me I could have. I finally knew where I wanted to get to in life. The question of how I was actually going to get there came in the form of an opportunity. I began to take massive action, turning my aspirations into tangible change and achievement. Although the goals we choose and the vehicle by which we decide to achieve them are important, it was the action that transformed my life, not the desire or the opportunity, but the actual effort and accomplishment.
Nothing of greatness happens quickly and great things are never easy. Your strength may come from a religious place and the answers to your problems may be found in a book, but having the courage to bring those teachings to life is up to you. Your purpose, your dreams and the change you wish to inspire in this world will only happen if you act! You say you want to change your life, but do you have the tenacity to make a plan and go for it? Do you have the humility to face failure as an opportunity to learn and the courage to start again each time you stumble? Do you have the grit to work hard enough and the conviction to see it through to completion? Your God may grant you pity for your short comings and hardships, but in this life the universe will not. You will either make it happen, or you won’t.
The individuals that find success often have a mountain of reasons why they can’t, or shouldn’t and crowds of by-standers encouraging them to quit. These are also the individuals that ignore the crowd and focus on all the reasons why they can. Regardless of faith, we all have to choose which type of person we are.
Photo: Blake Eiermann

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  1. mdntravel22 says:

    My dearest friend you astound me every day with your writing,mindset and glorious soul !


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