Never Too Late

What if that day dream you get lost in at 2:36pm on Wednesday afternoon could be your real life? What if you didn’t yearn for Friday afternoon and loved Monday just as much as Saturday? Where did that innocent and blissfully ignorant kid get lost to that thought anything was possible? That child is still alive inside of you, but the perceived realities of our existence based on the countless negative experiences broke your spirit and hushed that child. A look of fear and sadness washed over the newly dim eyes as the epiphany of real life dropped on your head like a bucket of ice water, never again to posses the courage to challenge the status quo. Please hear me when I say that its never too late to find that child again and rekindle your excitement and passions for life. It is never too late to be mystified by the simple things, or to covet wonderment like it was the cure to all that is harmful. The key to your happiness, joy and fascination in life, lies within you and is found by chasing what excites you. It takes time and it takes a great deal of effort, but if there was ever a task worth struggling for, it would be this.


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