Romanticize Me


Make me your playtoy/
Make me your fashion/
Make me your dream boy/
Make me your passion/

A blink of light encapsulates/
A moment in time captured/
A lifetime precipitates/
No longer raptured/

Like a seed is planted/
Inspiration takes root/
Hopes, dreams, desperation and lust/
Ideals meet fantasy, gentleman and brute

Gentle growth succumbs to violent consumption/
The speck of inspiration acting more like corruption/
A spark lands silently on years of desire/
A powder keg of emotions/
An inescapable quagmire

Consume yourself and make me whole/
Forget your reality you found your role/
The holes in your life become my foundation/
I am lost without you, you are my salvation

Give me meaning, give me life/
Make me great, tell me lies/
Make me believe, your fantasy is my guide/
So I can find my love too, a simple picture, Romanticized


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow! I really love the way your write. Makes me wander in my mind, so easily… thank you xx


  2. Joni says:



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